Waterproof Protection Sheet for Bed - Baby Urine Bed Sheet

Hi Friends, Today in this blog we are going to see about one of the best Waterproof Protection Sheet for Mattress.

I know that so many parents of below 5 years old babies facing this issue. that is to protect their bed from baby urine. And here I am giving a solution for that.

The product from the Brand Rite Clique.

The name of the product is Baby Waterproof Plastic Sheet Double Bed King Size.

Its price is only rupees Rs.197.

Product Images:

Product Specifications:

  1. The Size of the sheet is (7.5 x 7.5 feet). It covers the full bed.
  2. The color of the sheet is Sky Blue.
  3. The material is a Thin and light premium mattress sheet made of PVC Plastic.
  4. Easily Washable & Durable. Hand washes in normal water.