After the Coronavirus everyone now aware of savings importance. So Now everyone started to do savings by investing any of deposits or markets. Because of the investment security reasons most of the people choose Bank savings. Now more peoples started to invest in fixed deposit funds (FDs).

Before investing in a fixed deposit scheme, it is advisable to compare how much interest is available with which bank and invest accordingly. Various banks have changed interest rates for fixed deposit scheme in the last few months. Canara Bank has now announced a change in interest rates. This interest rate will be adhered to from August 9th. Interest has been changed for deposits maturing from 7 days to 10 years.

From To Percentage
7 days 45 days 2.90%
46 days 90 days 3.90%
91 days 179 days 3.95%
180 days 1 year 4.40%
1 year 5.10%
1 year 2 years 5.10%
2 years 3 years 5.10%
3 years 5 years 5.25%
1111 days 5.35%
5 years 10 years 5.25%